Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ronnie Aldrich and his Two Pianos

Back to the Easy Listening section we choose Ronnie Aldrich's second London Phase 4 Stereo album, 1962. Simply titled, 'Ronnie Aldrich and his Two Pianos'. It's always a thrill to hear one piano on the left then on the right and then TOGETHER. Ronnie has a very distintive style. Purchased brand new, the 7-zip conversion came out pretty well.
The first album, Melody and Percussion for Two Pianos was his first released in 1961.

By the way, all the recordings available have been zipped with '7-Zip'. I've received some feedback from some visitors having some difficulty unzipping with other versions.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The RCA Victor 45

Here's what prompted to me post the Stan Getz recordings. My refurbished 45 player still runs GREAT! We had the single Desafinado on a 45. We played it often on the RCA 45 machine as seen here. I hope this short video clip brings back many fond memories when you used to put a stack of 45's (even better EP's) on the 45 machine and partied the night away!

Stan Getz - The Girl From Ipanema, The Bossa Nova Years 2

Album TWO. This album is with the Gary McFarland Orchestra released in October 1962 as Big Band Bossa Nova. Stan is joined with Doc Severinsen as one of the major personalities within the orchestra. One Note Samba is recreated in a different arrangement here from the first album. Kind of exciting, isn't it? Favorite cuts from this album, Bim Bom and One Note Samba. Hope you enjoy! The other three albums will be posted soon.

Stan Getz- The Girl From Ipanema, The Bossa Nova Years 1

Today, we dig into the jazz section. Not just jazz. BOSSA NOVA jazz! This is a box set released in 1984. I purchased it new at J&R Music World in NYC with great excitment in 1987. The box set contains five albums Getz recorded in popular 'latin flair' of the 60's. These albums were released betwen 1962 - 1964. The first one featured here is the ablum, "Jazz Samba' with guitarist, Charlie Byrd. The pop hit Desafinado hit #15 on the chart on 9/29/62. So grab a cocktail or two with some friends. This is great 'gathering' background music for any relaxing social occassion.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Zodiac Suite - Norrie Paramor

Here's a very unique album and one that I haven't really seen posted in other 'blog'. It's a monoral album from the late 50's with original compositions from the artist himself, Norrie Paramor. My personal connection with the album was from my dad. This album was played so often that the spindle hole was expanded due to the many drops onto the platter. My ultimate favorite is Capricious Capricorn. Spotlighted in the 'Sample Box'. These are very rich string arrangements with quite the flair. I'm not really sure if it was ever released in stereo. Regarless to me, it's a fantastic album. I hope you enjoy it as well. Technically due to it's multiple plays, it's a bit worn and you'll detect a few pops/clicks in the digital convertion. Course, like many of us, some of the scratches and pops became part of the memorable recording. Enjoy!

4/26/07: Audio Update
It dawned on me after posting, this MP3 format was a transfer that I did many years ago when I first got a CD burner. Similar to a tape recorder, it just recorded exactly what was pumped into it. No options for cleaning or equilization. So, here's an update of cleaning and equilization. I'm leaving the original just in case someone wants to compare. Click 'Audio Update' for the link.

Additional information that I found while reading the back cover, the album was recorded in 1957. Further investigation found it is available in stereo. Sorry that dad purchased the monoral version. It's still great sound! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stokowski Conducts Bizet

This time we go into the classical vaults. I just recently converted this album for my own personal use and thought, let's share it! I wish I could find the original cover. I know Columbia took many of their classical recordings and reissued them later in the 90's in their Great Performances series. I purchased this record when first released back in 1977. It was Columbia's Record of the Month, February 1977. Also noted on the liner notes, 100 years of recorded music. So, since it's mine from the start and kept in prestine condition, the MP3 transfer impressed me. The transcriptions here are fantastic. Here in his 95th year, Stokowski, a legend in his time! Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mantovani Latin Rendezvous

Here's another childhood memory. Dad had this on his 'stack' of records that played on that RCA console Stereo. I remember it often at his parties and Sunday afternoons when he'd sit at the dinning room table paying the monthly bills. I suppose this was the start of my 'easy-listening' enjoyment. Favorites are Be Mine Tonight, La Paloma, Siboney and Perfidia. Like dad, I love the latin beat. What's interesting about this album is that it was created by a Mantovani contest. Mantovani fans were encouraged to submit their ideas for an album. My childhood was in NJ until I moved to CT at 10 years of age. The winners of this 1960's contest were too from NJ. How weird is that? We listened to stations like WPAT FM93, WVNJ and WRFM Stereo 105 from NYC. Okay, I'm reminiscing too much. Here's one of Mantovani's greatest albums. Here is it in FULL STEREO. ENJOY!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Felix Slatkin - Our Winter Love

This is a childhood memory for me. I can remember hearing this 'monoral' album on my parents stereo quite frequently. So much, I know every move on the album. I was lucky enough to find it in stereo a few years ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do recalling fond childhood memories. 1963. My favorite selections: Our Winter Love, Gina, Meditation and Lawrence of Arabia. These are truly awesome arrangements.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Musical Moments with Mantovani

Here it is!!! The first available download from EasyStackin'. It took some time to figure out how to get it posted with one file through RapidShare. After about an hour and half, it came to me. You have to ZIP!

The album was purchased in a used record store shortly after the original release in the mid-70's. Many of the cuts were broadcast favorites on easy-listening stations even up through the declining years of easy-listening radio in the 90's.

The album was actually in excellent shape as if I purchased it new. Some technical cleaning and equalization was used in the transfer process. The outcome, a very clean and improved audio spectacular.

Enjoy the memories and Moments with Mantovani!