Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wunderful, Wunderful, It's Time For Christmas!

A One and a Two and a Three . . . Pop Fizz!

It's time for Christmas with Lawrence Welk. We plan to choose some excerpts from the 1969 Reader's Digest four record set, Christmas with Lawrence Welk.

Our first choice is The Christmas Song. This stereo recording features Myron Floren Mr. Welk's featured accordionist. If you're familiar with the old mono Coral label arrangement, you'll love this stereo version.

Pop the bottle and enjoy some of the traditional style of Lawrence Welk!
The selection is found in The Sample Box (left banner).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful For - Thanksgiving

From the 1942 Paramount film, Holiday Inn, here's Bing Crosby with the holiday song for Thanksgiving. We've all have plenty to be thankful for!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time for Halloween

At this time of year, Halloween brings back some interesting memories. How many of us remember The Munster's? Perhaps the theme song might bring the memories back to vivid life?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grab 'em while you can!

Our file sharing service will expire on 9/24/09 without renewal. We will be relying on our Sample Box for future postings.

The decision has been due to expense. It will limit the capability of sharing full length albums. We'll be taking our Favorite Picks from future albums and sharing them on the Sample Box.

Stay tuned! The summer was very short and busy. We look forward to the upcoming holidays with some favorite tunes..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer's End

We were going to share two albums with you for the Summer End post. After investigating their availablity and respect to copywrite laws, we are only allowed to post their covers and offer links to purchase them on your own.

We'll be out of commission for a couple of weeks that includes the Labor Day holiday while friends will be visiting. We're bound to be listening to these fine recordings:

Al Albert's Summer Sing-a-long. You may recognize this artist name from as the lead to the Four Aces. This album is a huge favorite to the southern NJ shore area. As we might be traveling to Cape May, we might just pop on Al and his hit, "On the Way to Cape May".

As friends are visiting, we'll probably break-out one of the greatest duet teams of the late 70's, Johnny Mathis and Denice Williams. Released in 1978, That's What Friends are For. To our friends all over, have a great Summer's End.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Away for Awhile. Make up with last three of Sweet with a Beat

It's been very hot and humid in the northeast. Unfortunately, the AC broke down and the ambition to 'blog' has not been prevelient. So, to make up for it, here's the last three records that comprise the Sweet with a Beat.


Sweet with a Beat # 6

Tennessee Bird Walk-Joe Reisman
When I'm Sixty-Four - Arthur Greenslade
Sheba, Sheba-Johnny Gibbs
The Boat that I Row-Davd Whitaker
Frevo-David Whitaker
I'm Henry VIII, I Am-Arthur Greenslade
Time, Time-Al Capps
Sweet Maria-Johnny Harris
To Be the One You Love-Johnny Gibbs
The Things of Life-Johnny Gibbs
If You Go Away-Pete King
You Are My Love-Johnny Gibbs
The World We Knew-Jeff Saunders
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down-Al Capps
Durham town-Al Capps
And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind-Steve Chandler
God Bless the Child-Steve Chandler

Sweet with a Beat #5

Rainy Day Blues-Vic Flick
Rhythm of the Rain-Joe Reisman
Walking in the Rain-Arthur Greenslade
Winter World of Love-Steve Chandler
Carnaby Chick-Don Lusher
Song of the Snow-Johnny Gibbs
When the Sun Comes Out-Johnny Gibbs
Walking in the Sand-Al Capps
Island in the Sun-Rony Ross
Theme From Hawaii-Joe Reisman
Summer Wind-Les Brown
Land of the Sea and the Sun-David Whitaker

Sweet with a Beat #4

New World in the Morning-Al Capps
The World We Knew-Jeff Saunders
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down-Al Capps
Durham town-Al Capps
And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind-Steve Chandler
God Bless the Child-Steve Chandler

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet with a Beat Album Three - For the Good Times / Walking in Loveland

Enjoy album three!

For the Good Times-Steve Chandler
More-Harry James
Save the Country-David Whitaker
Paper Mache-David Whitaker
Time Alone Will Tell-Alan Copeland
In the Middle of Nowhere-Arthur Greenslade
Waling in Loveland-All Capps
Quite Nights of Quiet Stars-Paul Weston
Somebody Cares About Me-Jeff Saunders
You, Me and Mexico-David Whitaker
Most of All-David Whitaker
Soolaimon-David Whitaker

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet with a Beat - Record 2

Record Two, Side 1: Love Themes for Today Side 2: Old Favorites with a New Beat
A special note, Jo Stafford is the vocalist with Paul Weston. It's nice to have a husband and wife artist to share.

A Time for Us-Henry Mancini
Make the World Go Away-Perry Botkin Jr
try to Remember-Paul Weston
The Hills of Yesterday-Henry Mancini
I Have Dreamed-Alan Copeland
Everyone's Gone to the Moon-David Whitaker
Happiness is a Thing Called Joe-Jeff Saunders
Fever-David Whitaker
Song of India-Jeff Saunders
Watch What Happens-Benny Goodman
The Shadow of Your Smile-Paul Weston
Stranger on the Shore-Tex Beneke

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet with a Beat

To get us through the rest of the summer, we've chosen a compilation 6 record album produced by Reader's Digest in 1972. This particular album was purchased for just the sake of it. There were no strong intentions to drive the purchase. The surprise was listening. I felt as I took a huge step back in time when I used to listen to WRFM FM 105 from NYC in the 70's. Reader's Digest was known to compile some of the more unique RCA instrumental artists. Here are some of the best that you can recall from those great EZ listening stations from the past.

We're planning on posting each of the six records that make up Sweet with a Beat for the remaining weeks. It makes for some great summer time listening. We begin with record one, Gentle On My Mind (side 1) and Linger Awhile (side 2). Our favorite choice here is Linger Awhile. ENJOY!

Gentle On My Mind
Close to You
With a Little Help from My Friends
It's Impossible
Linger Awhile
Come Saturday Morning
Midnight Cowboy
Early in the Morning
A Warm Shade of Ivory
Wives and Lovers

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Last String

Presented here by the Juiliard String Quartet is Mozart's String Quartet No. 23 in F Major.

Quartet No. 23 in F Major I - Allegro moderato
Quartet No. 23 in F Major II - Andante (Allegretto)
Quartet No. 23 in F Major III - Menuetto: Trio
Quartet No. 23 in F Major IV - Allegro

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Honey & Strings

Today's post includes our third Mozart string quartet and some easy renditions of some hit 60's songs by Pete Fountain.


Pete Fountain - A Taste of Honey

I remember in the 70's, Stand By Me would play on the radio. My dad loved the arragement. After several times of asking who the artist was, I called the radio station to learn the artist was Pete Fountain.

It took me quite awhile in the new millenimum to think of eBay to get many of the recordings we enjoyed on the radio. This is one. Once it arrived, we slapped it on the turntable and immediately to Stand By Me!

Memories flowed vividly enough that I pictured the phone in my hand holding with the radio station to return with the artist, Pete Fountain.

In easy mode, enjoy some of the later hit songs of the 60's. We found another one of my favorites on the album, It's been a Long Long Time! ENJOY!

A Taste of Honey
The Shadow of Your Smile
The "In" Crowd
Theme from "The Yearling"
I Know a Place
It's Been a Long, Long Time
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Lucky Pierre
I'm Henry VIII, I Am
Fountain in the Rain
Stand by Me
King of the Road

Mozart: String Quartet No.22 in B-Flat Major

Our third quartet presented by the Juiliard String Quartet. Number 22 in B-Flat.

Quartet No. 22 in B-Flat Major I - Allegro
Quartet No. 22 in B-Flat Major II - Larghetto
Quartet No. 22 in B-Flat Major III - Menuetto: Trio
Quartet No. 22 in B-Flat Major IV - Allegro assai

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Reach-Out!

We have searched EVERYwhere for a favorite recording of Manuel or Geoff Love without success. I've heard it fairly recently on the satelelite EZ station. So, I know it was available at some sort of time.

To my fellow musical bloggers, if you find or know where this recording may be, PLEASE drop me a message.

The song:
It's Magic

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! ! !

Happy Memorial Day from EZ! We offer two 'strings' to the heart for this special holiday. One classical to continue on our Mozart Last Four String Quartet album by the Julliard String Quartet and the other by the famed Living Strings with a Salute to Glenn Miller.

We thought to post traditional 'march' music and remembered that it's the VETERAN'S that we honor this weekend. On a personal note, I remember this holiday to be most important in my family. Dad was a 1st lieutenant in the Army in WWII. He disciplined us to be sure we knew the sacrifice of all service people to our country. We understood it was through his war experience. That experience made us understand the reason we love the USA and fight to defend it.

God bless ALL our service people! We love you and honor your courage to keep our country the BEST to live.

Please take a moment. Remember where you are now. If it weren't for these courage individuals, you may not be here to see this print. Something to grow on!

Thank you ALL service men & women for giving a wonderful life in this USA!

Sunrise Serenade with the Living Strings

Here's our 'string' tribute to veterans on Memorial Day Weekend. This is a fairly unique Living String recording. It's conducted by one of the very few LS regulars, Chucho Zarzosa. Recorded in Mexico in 1962 and produced by LS's famed producer, Ethel Gabriel. (I appolgize for the scanned label. It slipped on the scann. I promise to redo it later.)
It's our tribute to ALL veterans that serve our wonderful country, USA. Glenn Miller that gave us some excellant Americana music was one of our true heart service men in WWII.
God bless all those that serve our wonderful United States. We stand behind you!!!
We remember!

Mozart; String Quartet No. 22 in B-Flat

The third quartet of our Last Four String Quartet Mozart album.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Door of Dreams - Joe Reisman

Here's a classic RCA release of Joe Reisman and his orhcestra from 1957. Mr. Reisman was integral to many RCA album productions in the 60's and 70's. In fact, many of Mr. Mancini's releases were produced by Mr. Reisman. There's some great information regarding the recording and Mr. Reisman on the back cover liner notes. So not to reproduce them here, we encourage you to click-on the back cover, perhaps do a little zoom to read them yourself as if you were purchasing this album in 1957-58. Our favorite pick here is Joey's Song. One we recall hearing quite often on those past EZ listening stations of the past. Enjoy!!!

Door of Dreams
El Dorado
Covered Wagon
Mi Corazon
Sunday Afternoon
Mi Vida
Front Row Center
Cheryl's Dream
When Sunny Gets Blue
Day Dream
For My Love
Joey's Song

Quartet No. 21 in D Major

Continuing on posting the rest of this fine album is Quartet No. 21 in D-Major. Now depending on your classical mood, this relaxing quartet makes for an excellent backdrop for Sunday brunch, studying or just kickin' back. Enjoy!

Quartet No. 21 in D Major I - Allegretto
Quartet No. 21 in D Major II - Andante
Quartet No. 21 in D Major III - Menuetto: Trio
Quartet No. 21 in D Major IV - Allegretto

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roses for Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day a Bouquet of Musical Roses! Living Strings from 1967 conducted by one of the more unique LS conductors, Bill Walker. This album was produced by country guitarist, Chet Atkins joined with LS regular producer, Ethel Gabriel and recorded in RCA Victor's "Nashville Sound" Studio in Nashville, TN. So, you can expect a slight twang of county arrangements.
The album was purchased brand new in the mid 70's. I am even impressed with how well the digital conversion came out. The sound is pretty awesome.
Best wishes to all Moms from EZ. Enjoy the musical Bouquet of Roses!

The Convict and the Rose
Millions of Roses
My Filipino Rose
Roses are Red
San Antonio Rose
Moonlight & Roses
Rose of Old Pawnee
Room Full of Roses
Bouquet of Roses

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hammond & Strings

Here's a combination. Hammond organ and String Quartet! Pop & Classical!

You might notice that the Julliard String Quartet album is the Last Four Mozart String Quartets. So, we start with No. 20 in D Major! You know, the other three will follow.


Chris Waxman at the Hammond

From the late 60's is Chris Waxman on the Hammond with Organized. If you're an easy listening fan of the late 60's and early 70's, these bouncing light-hearted arrangements will bring back fond memories of your favorite EZ station. The sound is very reminiscent of the time. I suppose so is the album art.

Born Free
Can't Take My Eyes off of You
Strangers in the Night
Highway Speed
The Impossible Dream
Up, Up and Away
What the World Needs Now is Love
Love is Blue
Lara's Theme from Doctore Zhivago
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Mas Que Nada