Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eddie Dunstedter

Recalling the day that I purchased these albums, I remember the Bells of Christmas Chime Again. I was intrigued by the album cover. I had never heard of Eddie Dunstedter before. So, I wasn't sure the style of music I was looking or about to read about. Organ and chimes sounded nice and I took a chance. Well, I'm glad I took that chance. It's a great and memorable album. It impressed me so much that when I found Christmas Candy, I snatched that up immediately.
Other fellow bloggers have presented these albums. I hope I'm not steppin' on their toes. They're a great addition to any traditional Christmas collection. I have to admit, these were purchased in the late 80's where re-issues were popular. These are abridged versions of their original release. They are in STEREO and crisp and clean!
Merry Christmas from a great artist, Eddie Dunstedter!