Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Definate Legend

After a vacation trip, we return to the classical section of our collection. The next album up, Caruso, A Legendary Performer compiled from 78 recordings on RCA records in 1976. Even in 1976, digital processing was in it's infancy. Here we get a few Caruso 'classics' from their 78RPM source. What's interesting is you can hear the rough 78 scratches and surface noise even with the digital processing by RCA. I thought for sure it would duplicate onto the MP3 download here. I was surprised at how well the recording came out. These recordings are from the 1920's from original 'Victor' Red Seal 78's. Usually they were one sided records that has a cost of $1.00 each. It's a trip back into history. So for you opera fans, here's some fantastic quality recordings from a truly 'classic' and legendary performer, Caruso. Enjoy!