Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Living for 2009

Time for some Feelings from the Living Strings conducted by Johnny Douglas, 1977. You'll find a few cuts from the I Write the Songs album featured in this album as well. Each of the 'Living' groups (Voices, Guitars, Trio) issued compiled albums in this series released in 1977. Each cover replicated the one posted here. Each was also lined with notes by famed WRFM morning man, Jim Aylward.
The favorite pick here, At Seventeen (featured in the Sample Box) that I share with my buddy, Rich. This is dedicated to him!
Cheers Rich and Happy 2009! Live it well!

Living for 2009

Johnny Douglas returns here in 1977 with the Living Strings to offer some great instrumental version of the top tunes of the time. Do you remember, I Write the Songs? Some hard rockers might have a problem with Dream Weaver on this elevator type arrangement. It's music in the Douglas string fashion. Making tunes appeal to all music lovers.