Sunday, February 22, 2009

WNBC Radio 66

Long before WFAN Sports Radio and Imus, WNBC Radio 66 was a pop music station. It had heavy competition with the popular 'AM77' WABC, that featured aray of extremely popular Dee-Jays. WNBC hung-in with the music format until about the mid to late 80's. Like many AM music stations, WNBC relinquished it's musical format for 'Talk Radio'.
One remnant of the station is the album featured here. This album sponsored by WNBC Radio66 features some original bands and their pieces from the listening area. The album does not refer to any date. I suspect it was released during the 'disco' era as some of the selections have that 'disco' flare.
It's a unique album of original music and artists. It's pleasant and reminiscent of a by-gone era. Now, should any of the artists or anyone know of these artists come across this presentation, we'd love to feature an update. How was your band chosen? What came out of the album release for you? Where are you today? Feel free to comment!

Jay Mala and Revolver
01. Mama Said
David A. Larucuente and Spring Fever
02. Sneakin' in the Back Door
Cristy Martin
03. Dream On
Billy Stewart
04. Anywhere
Mixed Company
05. Let's Go Disco
Craig Dayton
06. Killer Bee
Gamin with Karen Ghee
07. Get Free
Michael Leonhardt
08. Exodus from Houston
Pana and the Funhouse Band
09. Takes Some Time
Barry Harris
10. You'll be Back

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Moment with The Great One

Here's one of the MANY Gleason orchestral recordings. The lush strings, tingling piano and soft muted trumpet of Bobby Hacket. Gleason's style was popular in the movies when the lovely lead lady would make a romantic dinner for her boyfriend to come visit. Course, the opposite would happen as well. The romantic guy that wanted to make the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening for his female companion.
The sounds are beautiful. So is the cover art of this album. According to the liner notes on the back cover, the cover is original artwork of The Great One himself. So, you're encouraged to download the cover as well as an original piece of artwork.
Enjoy the two forms of art, painting and music. A great combination from The Great One!

01. The Sentimental Torch
02. The End of a Great Affair
03. The Song is You
04. On the Sentimental Side
05. Dansero
06. That's All
07. Why Was I Born
08. You're My Thrill
09. I Thought About You
10. Oh! What it Seemed to Be
11. A Cottage for Sale

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aldrich out of Phase4

It's funny how things turn around to where they start. Fans of Ronnie Aldrich know his big band stylings as The Squadenaires. Others like myself remember his fame on London Phase 4 Stereo recording with his 'twin piano' magic. I'm sorry. I'm very partial to those London Phase 4 Stereo recordings. They were definately 'cool'. One piano in the left speaker and the other in the right speaker. WOW!!!! STEREO!!! They were lush arragements with the Strings of the London Symphony Orchestra and later in the 70's added The Ladybirds. The Ladybirds you ponder? Well, if you wish to see The Ladybirds, get a hold of an old Benny Hill video. The Ladybirds were often featured as the musical fill.

Prior to Mr. Aldrich's Phase4 recordings, he recorded his fabulous piano stylings without his famed dual piano arrangements. Just centered inbetween the left/right side was Mr. Aldrich with a lush string backdrop. What goes around comes around, I suppose. Here is featured one of Mr. Aldrich's 80's albums 'Out of Phase4'.

The arrangements are clearly Aldrich. I just remember when I purchased this album, "I miss the dual piano". Well, things change as we all know. The arrangements are still there.

Fans may recognize the picture from the back cover of this album. I believe it was from some of those London Phase4 albums.


Music for Pleasure, MFP. Here's another 80's Aldrich release. Same unique Aldrich arrangements with only one piano. Though we miss the left/right stereo dual pianos, this is another lush fine recording.
We'd love to post the many Phase4 recording here at ES. Vocalation records in the UK has re-released many of them on their own label. Check out your favorite source of CD's (Amazon, Tower, Critics Choice, etc.) to find these great memorable recordings. You'll probably find a lot of Phase4 artists as well that due to copyright we should not post here. Edmundo Ross and Frank Chacksfield are available as well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trip to NYC

It's been awhile since we've posted last. The start of 2009 has been a bit busy. We're pleased to announce that the most downloaded Christmas album is awarded to Christmas Joy, Melachrino and his Orchestra. There must be a great deal of folks that still love that real rich orchestral sounds for the holidays.
Today's post is inspired by a trip to the city yesterday to see In The Heights. If you have an opportunity to see it, we encourage you to make the effort. The performance was extremely exciting with a great sense of humor.
Here is Norrie Paramore from 1957 with some wonderful string renditions of tunes associated with New York City. The arrangements with an added beautiful female voice whisk you away to city of excitement in a gentle way.
(I appologize for my laziness. I hit the scanner on the label and did not go back to re-do it.)

01. Lullaby of Birdland
02. Love in a Tower
03. Every Street's a Boulevard
04. Autumn in New York
05. Forty Second Street
06. Manhattan
07. Street Scene
08. Penthouse Serenade
09. Lullaby of Broadway
10. Harlem Nocturne
11. Broadway Melody
12. Manhattan Serenade