Friday, September 12, 2008

Merry Christmas New York

For those of you that grew-up in the NYC metro area and attended a Radio City Music Hall Christmas show, this is bound to bring back very fond memories. From 1972, Merry Christmas New York from the Radio City Music Hall brings the grandeur of the famous show.
Of course, there's always a history behind each recording posted on EasyStackin'. I remember my aunt coming home from work (from the city) with this record. She purchased the record in the lobby branch on the bottom floor of the Chase Building where her office was located on the 47th floor. At the time, I didn't think much of it. For $2.00, it was a 'cheapo' album of a local show. Needless to say, over the years it became a family favorite. Each time I hear it, I recall the time she came home with it.
A special note for this recording, there's a cut of Richard (Dick) Leibert the famous Radio City organist at the Grand Organ Console.
The record has been in the family since it's purchase and in pristine condition. The digital conversion is spectacular as if you're sitting right in the grand theater. Our favorite choice from this album is the famous Rockettes in their performance of Jingle Bells. For you 'stereo aficionados' you'll appreciate the side-by-side, right to left of the Rockettes across the stage. It's pretty cool. I still have not invested in a scanner and PhotoShop. I apologize for the flash reflection on the cover.
With great pleasure, we share this extraordinary memorable recording. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christmas - The Singers Unlimited

We're back in commission after a short (okay, extended) vacation. Occasional shopping occurred while on vacation. Surprising enough, it reminded me what time of year it was. Christmas is creeping into the stores. It reminded me of ALL the Christmas records that need to be converted and hopefully posted.

We begin with a fantastic harmony group, the Singers Unlimited. The is a great album that is sure to create a true 'old fashioned' Christmas. I remember purchasing this record new while in college. I never really realized the poor surface noise until the conversion here. I'm very pleased with a little cleaning and equalization, it came out well for listening enjoyment.

This album was released on CD a few years ago. I haven't seen it available in awhile. So, I don't think we're infringing on any copywrite issues here.

So, we're going to keep prepping-up for the holiday season. Enjoy the first selection.