Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beach Boys Song Book

Here's the answer to our 'clue', The Hollyridge Strings "The Beach Boys Song Book". The album was released in the mid sixties amongst a string of albums featuring instrumental versions of 'pop' group artists as the Beatles, Four Seasons, Elvis, Nat King Cole and eventually Simon & Garfunkle. This studio orchestra of Capital records conducted by Stu Phillips has a very unique style to themselves. The Hollyridge Strings were quite popular with air time on easy-listening stations. Enjoy some of your favorite Beach Boys hits that even includes a Christmas favorite, Little Saint Nick.

More Summer Delights

Here are some Columbia records delights. First, "Stars for a Summer Night" released as a compilation in the very early sixties. This 'De Luxe' two record set included popular and classical artists. Most of the cuts from this album are still available through various CD releases.
With the popularity of "Stars for a Summer Night" we get version II released a few years later, "Songs for a Summer Night". Another double record set, this one that highlights some of Columbia's vocalists and vocal groups. Again, many of these cuts are still available through various CD releases.
If you get your hands on these albums, it's a trip back into the early sixties sitting on the front porch on a hot summer night, relaxing to some great music.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get Ready for SUMMER!!!

What better way to start summer than with the Beach Boys. Surfin' memories of the past. This particular album was a double album set of their top 'pop' hits. I'm not posting the download here as I believe the album is still available on CD format.

Watch soon for a great instrumental surprise for the summer. There's a clue/preview in the 'Sample Box'.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rampal Surprise

During my college career, I had purchased season tickets to The Hartford Symphony. As a fan of Rampal, I could not pass on seeing him perform live. As I was converting my Rampal albums, I came across this program autographed by Rampal and Arthur Winograd, conductor of The Hartford Symphony.

So, I share this treasure with you as a fond symphonic memory in my college years. I would have loved to post it here. I couldn't find a way to convert the PDF file to a JPEG.